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So I've been thinking now that my beanie sales have been dying down a bit I think I might start doing some new things that have the element symbols on. I'm writing this journal to see if I can get feedback about what others might think of this idea and if they think they would be interested in buying them. If you want an idea of what a bag will some what look like look up "crochet messenger bag" on etsy. Here's an example… It would be similar to a beanie in how theres a stripe that will be at the top of the bag, but my bags will have a thicker strap. I will most likely be putting fabric on the inside that way you can put small items like pens or money and it won't fall out of the holes.

The coasters will be in the shape of the elements. They will be made out of perler beads.  They will come in packs of 4 and you can custom make them so if you want all 4 of them to be one of each you can do that or if you want all four to be the water element you can do that as well.

Let me know what you think and if you think this is something you would like to purchase. I don't want to make anything that no one is going to be interested in buying.
Check out my etsy…. HURRY BEFORE THEY SELL OUT. If they are sold out message me on here or on my etsy page and I will make more available.

The wait time does say 2-3 weeks but its possible you might get it earlier then that.
On Saturday April 6th at 8am PST/ 11am EST I will be making more ATLA Beanies available on my etsy page…
I had to bump up the price to $18 dollars however shipping is still free everywhere. If you don't get one on Saturday message me on Etsy or here on Deviantart.
Make sure you buy the one you want. Don't buy a beanie and then message me later to change the order for you so if the beanie you want is sold out just shot me a message and I will make that beanie available to you either by posting more or reserving you a beanie. Thanks to everyone who has already bought one.

Keep a look out for a key chain I will be putting up for sale of Aang (his arrow glows in the dark).
Hey everyone! Take a look at my etsy and see what Avatar The Last Airbender inspired things I make. I have the beanies up now which come in two different styles (regular beanie and slouchy beanie), you should also see the cell phone cases I will have up either later tonight or early tomorrow (Tuesday March 19, 2013 or Wednesday March 20, 2013). Also keep an eye out for some perler bead crafts. I looked into and I'm probably going to be making A:TLA and LOK inspired key chains and magnets, I'm just getting ideas and I have to buy the perler beads as well.

For Zelda fans! I'm working on putting some bows and beanies as well as cellphone cases out so look out for those as well. I might also do some perler bead crafts and make some key chains and magnets. I'm getting excited just thinking about this. :D

Make sure to watch me on here or favorite my shop on etsy to get all the updates.…